Do the cabins need a foundation?
The Cabins are light weight structures and do not require large foundations. Typically we use rikablocks or surefoot foundations. Our aim is to have a minimal impact on the environment.

Do I need to install the cabin?
Moriko will arrange transport and installation, prices provided on request. Certain structures can be built in the factory and received as a complete structure.

Are the cabins waterproof?
The cabins use a rainscreen system which is typical for timber construction around the world. This provides a comfortable structure that is weatherproof and has good insulation.

Is there Ventilation?
Yes, the A frame structure relies on natural ventilation which can be controlled through manual vents and the other cabins have windows.

Is there Insulation?
The cabins use a cavity wall system which provides a comfortable interior temperature.

Do I need to worry about fire?
Cross laminated timber, unlike traditional timber framing is a solid mass of timber which gives the structure better fire resistance. During a fire the outer layer of timber burn forming a char which continues to provide heat resistance to the internal layers. XLAM has undertaken fire burn tests at the university of Stellenbosch and are able to meet the required national standards for building construction.

Do I need electricity?
No, we can arrange solar and gas options.

Do we offer custom designs?
We would be happy to discuss your design requirements